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Old Testament (King James Version)
New Testament (King James Version)
The Book of Mormon (A second witness of Jesus Christ)
The Doctrine and Covenants (Revelations to, primarily, Joseph Smith)
The Pearl of Great Price (The Book of Abraham & The Book of Moses)
The Book of Jasher (aka The Straight Scoop)
The Book of Enoch 1 (Ethiopian version)
The Book of Enoch 2 (Slavonic, Old Bulgarian, or Secrets of Enoch)
The Book of Enoch 3 (aka The Book of Palaces/Rabbi Ishmael the High Priest, or The Revelation of Metatron)
Das Buch Mormon (The Book of Mormon in German)

Decoding European Palaeolithic Art: Extremely Ancient knowledge of Precession of the Equinoxes