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What Course do the LDS Prophets say the Church is on?
Earthly Father, Heavenly Father
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Not Commanded in All Things
"Judge Not" and Judging
The Child is the Father of the Man
The Genesis of the Written Word
Gaining Knowledge of Eternal Truths
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Mystery History: Exposing Man's Hidden Past
Melchizedek and Jupiter, by James O'Fee
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Ancient Hebrew in the Americas
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10 Remarkable Similarities Between Ancient Civilizations
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Insights from the Ancient Nag Hammadi Library
Anthony E. Larson's Video Course Catalog
Joseph Smith Prediction of Stars Falling From Heaven
Hamlet's Mill, the Origins of Human Knowledge and Its Transmission Through Myth
Remarks of Zebedee Coltrin on Kirtland, Ohio History of the Church
The Sacred Omphalos Stone, Navel of the World and Communicator of the Gods
Anonymous survey sheds light on research misconduct
The 'Dynastic Race' and the Biblical 'Japheth' - Part I: After the Deluge
The Book of Enoch - translated by R.H. Charles
Greg Jay's youtube channel
DNA in the Electric Universe - Electricity of Life - Alex Fournier
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Global Warming vs. Solar Cooling: The Showdown Begins in 2020
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The discovery of fossil teeth in Germany re-writes human history
Mystery of Ancient Pictographs of Paint Rock, Texas - Solved
T-Shaped Pillars Outside Gobekli Tepe
How Powering with Atmospheric Electricity Works
Gunnar Heinsohn: Arabs of the 8th Century - Cultural Imitators or Original Creators?
Abraham and the Electric Universe
What Happened in Eden? Alternative Translation Tells a Very Different Story
Have Researchers Discovered What Caused the 16th Century Mexican Epidemic that Killed Over 80% of the Population?
Rh-Negative Blood: Exotic Bloodline or Random Mutation?
"I was mearly instructid in reading writing and the ground rules of Arithmetic"
Why Did Parents in the Chinookan tribe Perform Cranial Deformation on their Babies?
The Confusing Horned Helmets Depicted in the Oseberg Viking Age Tapestries
Bust of Contention: Controversy erupts as the Younger Lady is dubbed Nefertiti—Part I
90% of the Neolithic British Gene Pool Was Replaced by Beaker Immigrants
The Genius of the Few by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien
Alternative Genesis
Index Kharsag
Transactions of the Society of Biblical Archaeology Vol. V
Dr. Einar C. Erickson
By Divine Design - Elder Ronald A. Rasband
Our Ancient People - William W. McAfee
Paradise Found - William F. Warren
Malaga Bay (a site for lesser-known fields of research)
Archaic Migrations to North America - Robert D. Morritt
Discovery of the world's oldest Quran in 1972 reveals startling facts
The Book of Abraham - Bruce Porter
Father Hans (The 'Dry' Mormon Catholic Priest)
The 'Handbag'
The Melian Dialog
Unwin's Conclusion: A Step-by-Step Guide to the End of Civilization
Bill Cooper Predicted Rise in School Shootings in 1991
Titans Under the Earth: Evidence for The Tall Ones, and the Ancient Mounds of Pennsylvania
Tuatha Dé Dannan, the Enchanting Predecessors of Irish Fairies and Elves
The Nag Hammadi Library
Bon (Tibetan religion)
Everything You Need to Know but Have Never Been Told - Insights from the Ancient Nag Hammadi Library
Explainer: The Gods Behind the Days of the Week
Where do the names of our months come from?
Why Are There 365 Days in a Year? Organizing Dates with an Ancient Egyptian Calendar
The Oldest Known Calendar in Europe is based on the Orion Constellation
The Operations of the Holy Ghost Upon the Unbaptized
Our Father in Heaven
Acts 17:21