God is Male

(Thank God!)

     I would never before have thought it necessary to write this down, not even in this age of the ERA, Social Justice Warriors, and #METOO, but what everyone must understand is ...

     God is male.

     As members of the church, and students of the restored gospel, we understand, as prophets have made clear, and even at least one of our hymns openly proclaims, we have, in heaven, not only a father, but a mother, too.
     But, as is always the case, it seems, there are plenty of 'interpolations of men' attached to this doctrine, such as the rumor that we don't know the name of our heavenly mother because heavenly father would never subject her to what we've put him through, but it shouldn't take Hugh Nibley to point out the obvious flaws in this line of reasoning:
      a) God would protect his wife, but subject his son to such abuse?
      b) Such abuse is even possible by men toward God?
      c) We actually know heavenly father's name?
        (hint: We do, but almost no one knows what it is, and even fewer ever use it.)
     But then comes the revelation that, yes, we DO, in fact, know the name of our heavenly mother.

     Moses 7:48

     And it came to pass that Enoch looked upon the earth; and he heard a voice from the bowels thereof, saying: Wo, wo is me, the mother of men; I am pained, I am weary, because of the wickedness of my children. When shall I rest, and be cleansed from the filthiness which is gone forth out of me? When will my Creator sanctify me, that I may rest, and righteousness for a season abide upon my face?

     And is not the earth a heavenly body? A heavenly host? (to us)
     Have we not heard, since time immemorial, the earth referred to as mother earth?
     Does this not also make reason stare?

     But this fact does not make God female.

     At most, this could only be interpreted as meaning that God is both male and female. And that ought not disturb us, knowing that the father and the son, two distinct beings, are nonetheless one god. In fact, God, having taken Eve from Adam, called them both together one flesh, and even called them by one name: Adam. (Let all those sisters with hyphenated names take note.)

     This is no alien concept to us.

     So, clearly, there must be some other reason for us to worship, and to deal with only heavenly father, and not heavenly mother.
     And there is.
     And, just as with the very concept that we have a mother as well as a father in heaven, the purpose in facing only our father, and not our mother, also makes reason stare. And the reason is something which past generations would never have had to be told, but today's generation not only needs to hear, but to have repeated until they get it:

     Fathers bring male authority, and male power, which women just do not have any more than men have a uterus.

     Note: Dennis Prager does make a couple of assertions here that we know to be false, but don't let that distract you from the rest of his message. It's too well reasoned to ignore.

     Excellent. But there is yet more to be said on the subject, and those words come from the lessons of history. And the lessons of history bear out the folly of allowing the demands of foot-stomping, breath-holding bullies to beguile us into accepting, much less promoting, their doctrine that God is female, or even just that our heavenly mother is to be worshipped, too, especially when the proponents of such ideas appeal to history for support.
     Indeed, this is truly nothing new. These pseudo-feminists (real feminists would promote women being women, not men) are quite correct in that: This has all happened before. There have indeed been many times, in many societies, where the mother, a goddess, or the divine feminine was worshipped. It's all right there for you to read about. I would never deny it. And that's my point: We need to learn from it. But we're going to have to connect a few dots ourselves because, as is so often the case, even though the facts are indisputable, they have become neglected because they were too uncomfortable for the cowardly and/or corrupt. And the feminists want to stop reading right there, never connecting any dots at all in order to find out what happens next.

     Start reading almost anywhere you like, and you will soon arrive at a fledgling society, gaining traction in their struggle to rise only by casting aside all the folly that brought their ancestors low in the first place, the point in every society's development which the Greeks so dutifully labeled, Olbos. And this means reinstituting what we now regard as quaint, outmoded gender roles, rigorously enforced by social institutions: The, today, unfortunately, much reviled, and even actively undermined Patriarchy.
     Moreover, what the video also touches on, is yet another uncomfortable (for many progressive-minded men and women today) fact of nature that, while young men certainly need paternal guidance to channel their energies toward their full, proper potential, the same is also true of women. BUT THE MATERNAL INFLUENCE IS NOT AS CRUCIAL.
     Now, what can I possibly mean by that?
     It was uncomfortable enough for archaeologists to find such blatant homosexuality among the Greeks, but imagine how the Greeks themselves felt about it.
     Worse still was how they got there. (And Rome followed in their footsteps.)
     It's an equally uncomfortable fact today for any Christian to take seriously Paul's admonition that women are to be silent in church. This is dismissed as mistranslation, except that Joseph never even touched this verse in his retranslation. So it's dismissed as just more of things like Moses giving men what they wanted.
     But is it?
     And that brings us to the worship of goddesses, mothers, and/or femininity.
     How does that bring us to that point?
     Because elevating the female over the male has always happened throughout history, and it has always ended in disaster.
     And who are they kidding? Equality was never the goal.
     And historians know this.

     They just don't dare say it.
     And Paul knew it, too, but had the honesty to say the unpopular thing. (Remember who his audience was.) (And this practice was on the rise in Jerusalem, too, this time in the form of temple prostitution, an early stage of the disease.) (This is what the 'woman brought for judgment' was really all about.)
     Everywhere we look, we see societies rise in the wake of male dieties, and fall in the aftermath of female usurpation. Even when you think you're seeing male domination of women, you are being fooled. By the women. Even temple prostitution was an institution women appeared to submit to, but, once liberated, would not abandon, leaving all to wonder just how they landed that role in the first place. And don't think I'm talking out the side of my mouth. There are aid ordanizations which rescue women from lives of prostitution in many places in the world even today, only to find a greater than 80% recidivism. Couple this with the status of a priestess, and you've got a recipe for disaster, where women want no part of marriage or motherhood, not terribly unlike fans of Beyonce. Thus, it was the rise of female deities which ultimately divided ancient societies along gender lines, marginalizing, even literally emasculating men, because, when women are that exalted, no man may think to even touch one. Athens was even founded on the goddess Athena. It may be argued that Athena was, after all, just the daughter of Zeus, but the city was not founded on Zeus; it was founded on his daughter.
     And it was here, too, that a practice evolved where young men, bursting with testosterone and zeal to please the goddess, coupled with no other prospects, would rush the temple, throw themselves upon the alter, and castrate themselves. And why would they do this? Because they were basically unworthy. This mindset would even survive into the middle ages, when knights and bards alike would devote themselves to a lady that they themselves could never attain. The bards became hobos. The knights became plant fodder.

     This wasn't the first time either. It had happened in even more ancient times. It was precisely this practice which was, like the sparing of Isaac, blunted for Abraham into mere circumcision instead of full castration. But notice how the two, castration and child sacrifice, go hand-in-hand.
     Among the lessons I've learned from scripture is one to be found only in the timing of the Garden of Eden story. Did you ever notice that the fall is when time began? Yes, we all know by now, I hope, that time didn't literally begin then, but this is the point where the earth got knocked off its axis, beginning the seasons which God tells Adam and Eve they'll now have to contend with. And that's just the telestial effect. In another sense, this is the point where they departed from the eternal, and the earth's temporal journey began.
     But have you ever noticed the placement of other decrees and steps of creation around this event? For example, agency was decreed in heaven before the earth was even formed. Adam was placed in the garden after the earth was formed. Eve was taken from Adam after that. And they were commanded to multiply and REplenish (?!) the earth while still in eternity. Then came the fall. Then came the new deal, you know, the one the sisters keep trying to forget about when they remind us and themselves that Eve came from Adam's side: That the man is the head.

     Let's hold up here. I'd like to take a brief aside, but it is pretty strongly related to our topic. The lessons of the creation story are many and marvelous, as, I think, I've already shown. And one of these wonderous things that stands out to me is how accurately the male and female personalities are typified there. For example, Adam was the typical guy, perfectly happy to endure the status quo. But, so was Eve! Even after (almost) all of Satan's clever attempts to bend her thinking. And, YES, Satan, too, is MALE! Mark it well, sisters. Eve/you didn't think of anything. Satan did. But, as I said, Eve wasn't taking the bait. She was happy enough with the way things were. Until ... Satan pointed out that the only reason God didn't want them to partake of the fruit of knowledge (of good AND evil) was, not because they'd die, but because "God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."
     You can practically hear the gears whirring as Eve pulls up short.
     "And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, ..."
     "Are my eyes open now? They sure are! This Satan guy knows what he's talking about.
     "So, what was that next thing you said? We will be as the Gods?!"
     Now, you have to remember that Adam and Eve could still see God at this point. Where God lived was clearly not where Adam and Eve lived. And Eve's eyes are now open!
     "Wait right there! You mean, I'm running around, naked, outdoors, when I could be living in THAT neighborhood?!"
     "... she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, ..."
     Now she's done it! But, of course, she's not going to carry her own water. If she's going down, she's taking Adam with her.
     "... and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat."
     And the rest is history.

     It had to be?! Really? There was no other way? LIE! It was Satan who said that. Nephi says that, "the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

     (Now, I'm kind of tricking you with that, but you don't know how, do you? It's ok. We'll get to that some other time. Always remember to pay close attention to the specific wording.)

     So, coming back to the timing of events, gender itself, and the need to multiply, is literally older than time itself. It's not negotiable. It's fundamental to this generation.
     Gender roles, however, are a bit newer, but just a bit, being not older than time, but as old as time, as old as mortality, as old as the need to plow and plant in spring, and cut and harvest in fall. And this is to say that these roles are just as impossible to defy as gender itself, but also implies that there will come a time when they pass away, and men and women return to an equal partnership.
     But that time is not yet.
     Not that women have ever been content, in times of comfort and/or plenty, to leave well-enough alone, always trying to seize control through every imaginable argument, but it always turns out badly when they do.
     There is just no end to the evidence that women are a force that must be closely watched, and constantly contained, lest mayhem ensue. One ancient historian even observed of the female penchant for destruction, "For the love of a harlot, Troy was sacked."
     And that brings us to, perhaps, the ugliest aspect of this subject: Witchcraft.
     It's kind of interesting that the Mosaic law reads that, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.", without ever making it clear just what a witch is. Translators tell us that this is a sorceress, but sorcerers are astronomers, so are female astronomers so evil that they must be killed? Must male astronomers also be killed? What about the magi? (Magi = magicians = astronomers, the only people who actually knew when and where the Messaiah was born.) (How? By following a ... STAR!)
     Well, ... like I said, this gets pretty ugly. But only to those no longer accustomed to a traditional society.
     Anciently, astronomers and priests were synonymous, as was science and religion. Any society adhering to traditional social norms would never have female priests, aka priestesses. Thus, they would never tolerate female astronomers/scientists, but because this was a religious calling. Anciently, only those called to this profession performed such work, and, being a priesthood office, those who were called were male. It's a priesthood. This is why the witch of Endor was ... a witch. Invoking spirits is exclusively a priesthood function. While spirits may, and have visited women, calling them is purely a priesthood power. For any woman to attempt this is to practice witchcraft. Those women campaigning to be given the priesthood should know this. They should be taught this. In so many words.
     Womanhood and motherhood are synonymous. They are ordained to it from birth.
     Likewise is priesthood synonymous with fatherhood. You can read it for yourselves right here, and here, and, above all, here.
     Now, the coup de grâce.
     As almost every society degenerates into what the Greeks called nemesis ... when you become the very thing your society was founded on opposing ... perversions of every ilk arise: homosexuality, cross-dressing, even disfigurement (sexual reassignment surgery). But the greatest evil of all has to be the human sacrifice that always attends the rot. And this, too, is soon followed by a priestess conducting the ceremony in place of a priest.

     Now, you tell me in which way this differs from our modern, western, abortion-on-demand society! Have we not, in fact, witnessed all these same aberrations growing among us? Have we not heard many saints themselves tolerate, even justify such behavior?
     And you tell me who is really behind it. Because all I see are shrieking, hysterical women demanding the right to murder their children 'for the good of society', AND with our tacit (because we've been threatened into silence) approval, and even with our monetary support, making us complicit in genocide.
     And now the twist.
     THIS ... is why Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego refused to participate in Babylon's little 'parades'. The musical instruments are the clue, as I'll point out in the next installment of my series on human trafficking. That blaring, raucous cacophony was no joyful noise. Nor was it innocent. The music served only one purpose, and that was to put a pleasant mask on an abhorrent deed, to drown out the agonized cries of their babies as they fried to death on the glowing-hot, bronze hands of ba'Al before rolling off into the flames below.

Notice the drums and tambourines.

     Those noble boys could not accede to this, and, so, were condemned to the same fate. (Which was not without precedent here either.) That's how they dealt with honesty. If you refuse to repeat the lie, then you are evil and must die. Kind of like a lot of people would like to do to us for not parroting that abortion is beneficial and merciful, for not agreeing that global warming is solid science, for not submitting to wealth redistribution posing as charity, for rejecting any notion that "She must be believed."


~~ Marcus Aurelius ~~